Through Our Programs

Five-Pillars-Complete-ProgramYou will discover how to:

  • Live by your values
  • Choose how you want to live
  • Be true to yourself … Be yourself

To achieve this you will learn how to: 

  • Recognize what makes you happy
  • Know what you want
  • Feel good about yourself

Ultimately you will be shown how to:

  • Be free from the prison of the past
  • Be free from the prison of pressure from other people
  • Be free from the prison of your own judgment

In order to fully benefit from the program, The Five Pillars of Freedom references Connie Lynne’s life experiences and approach in Failures Not an Option… It’s a Necessity! book for understanding and achieving your Life’s Success. 

...Begin the Journey to Freedom!

Our Complete Program

The Five Pillars of Freedom Complete Program is based on years of personal experience, extensive research, and years and years of assisting individuals gain their personal Freedom.

Our Resource Material Empowers People to:

1. Make decisions about their unique life
2. Access information and resources for decision-making
3. Consider all options and special circumstances
4. Exercise opinions and personal decision making
5. Make appropriate changes for calculated results
6. Learn and increase skills for improving their situation

Our Life-Transforming Workbooks below:

Introduction:  Inner Strength

Pillar One:      Love and Accept Yourself
Pillar Two:      Believe that It is Possible
Pillar Three:   Set and Prioritize Your Goals
Pillar Four:     Create Habits
Pillar Five:      Observe and Modify 

(click on the links above for detailed information on each Pillar) 

Five-Pillars-of Freedom-Program

Inner Strength Guide

Our Inner Strength Guide provides you with the Information, Knowledge and most importantly an Understanding of your Situation so you can start to begin the process to your own Personal Freedom.

Inner Strength GuideThe Guide includes:

  1. Understanding and Identifying the Stages of Abuse.
  2. A Self-Awareness Assessment: Are You in Control of Your Life?
  3. What is Self-Empowerment?
  4. Identifying the need for Personal Power to Change.
  5. Why it is important to Accept and Love Yourself as the Special Person YOU are.
  6. Taking Responsibility and Ownership of Your Life.
  7. Introduction to what is involved in The Five Pillars of Freedom Complete Program.

The Inner Strength Guide provides the beginning knowledge for your journey toward full ownership of your life.

This workbook helps you understand yourself and assess your situation. It also helps you understand the type of person you are, and can be, now and into the future.

It also lays the foundation to begin your journey through: The Five Pillars of Freedom Complete Program.

Take Ownership of Your Life: Take action and begin your Journey to Freedom...

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Your Freedom

The Five Pillars of Freedom Program provide a proven map to help you reclaim your life – Your Freedom.

Treasure-MapThe sad reality is that you are not the only one that has ever gone through this difficult transition to freedom (see Statistics on Abuse).

The good thing is that the ones who have risen above the cycle have left a map, if you like to follow. Knowledge is power.

The awareness that has been gathered from others who have broken the cycle of abuse is priceless. 

The perspective from those who have gained their freedom reveal the light that is needed to find the way out of the darkness.


Benefit Directly

Raja-bottleMost of us pursue a life filled with significance, contentment and satisfaction, desperately trying to direct our lives away from anxiety, anger, stress and depression.

We are all seeking personal fulfillment. However, most of us don’t know how to achieve this and therefore end up going around and around in circles, trying to be what we think the world wants of us, turning our back on our truth.

Knowledge-is-PowerKnow the Problem - Fix the Problem

Once we recognize the cause of our dysfunction we gain the power to take back our control.

In order to achieve any level of personal fulfillment we must first know who we are and what we stand for.

Accepting our self and seeing our value is essential in discover who we are: our true self.

Self Empowerment is one of the many treasures that individuals gain through our programs because knowledge is potential POWER!

There are many organizations that assist and support Abused men and woman. Clickable Link: Abuse Support Links

Connie Lynne, founder of Necessity 4 Failure has been providing training and support services for all who are stuck within the abuse cycle since she was able to leave her own abusive relationship (see Connie Lynne's Story) 

Connie Lynne's Personal Message concerning Abuse 

Our objective is to Stop the Cycle of Abuse

We have an ongoing working relationship with Abuse Shelters and police agencies in delivering The Five Pillars of Freedom Program