Dysfunction and Abuse

Many people who live in the world of Dysfunction and Abuse don't realize the severity of their situation... 

  • Have you ever felt trapped within another person's wishes?
  • Do you work and work to keep other people happy while you end up feeling exhausted and discouraged?
  • Do you feel stuck within someone else's vision of who they think you are?


Connie Lynne's Personal Message

Many men, woman and children have been and will be directly affected by Domestic Abuse.

I in every 4 women will experience Domestic Abuse in her lifetime, I know as I was one of them...



Because I have personally been a victim (an unwilling participant) in the cycle of abuse I understand more than you may think. 

Domestic abuse is a serious problem in society. It is universal and occurs across all ethnic, racial, religious, age and economic groups.

Anyone can be Affected

People who have never been stuck within the cycle of abuse often wonder 'why' a person wouldn’t just leave.

One of my passions is to help people understand 'why' people get stuck within the Cycle of Abuse



Calling out for Help

My heart was racing as I dialed the number to the abuse hotline, however, I couldn't do it. I hung up before anyone answered.

What was I thinking?

A few days later, when I gained enough courage, I dialed once again. A gentle ladies voice answered and asked "How can we help you?"

I felt overwhelmed by what I was doing and stumbled through an apology, "I'm sorry for troubling you; I'm not sure why I'm calling...it's not that bad...I shouldn't have bothered you" as I quickly hung up. 

I didn't have the strength to save myself...

It took a combination of family, friends and an abuse shelter (where my children and I eventually went) as well as other resources for me to finally gain my freedom.

It was through the help of many that I found the freedom to live my life.

Now, I am here to help others who don’t yet have the strength.


The above poem was written in March, 2000. The day I took back Ownership of my life.

Separation from Abuse

The first question that needs to be addressed is: Why do people stay in situations that are not good for them, such as a spouse who stays in an abusive relationship?

Self-confident people may think "If it's that bad, why don't they just leave?" They may even add, "this could never happen to me!" Sadly, this is far from the truth because Abuse can happen to anyone!

There are many reasons why both men and woman stay in abusive relationships. One of the things that we should keep in mind when it comes to domestic abuse and violence is the shame that is involved.

Because of this, abuse victims can suffer from feeling Hopeless, Alone, Afraid, Guilty, Humiliated and Desperate… to name just a few.



The Trap

When a person lives in a constant state of humiliation, they may lose the ability / power to assert their will and assess accurately what is going on in their own life. As a result, people who endure emotional and / or physical abuse tend to live in a state of denial in order to simply exist.

Detailed in Connie Lynne’s newest release Beyond Failure


The Escape - Is there a way out?

People who are controlled can feel trapped and depressed. They may try to justify that “it’s not that bad”.

When you are stuck in any form of imprisonment (where it appears impossible to break free) the only hope for escape lies in awareness, however, this is only the first step.

Being aware of a problem does not make the situation go away. Awareness alone does not provide escape: Understanding Enslavement



The sad reality is that you are not the only one that has been (or is) going through the difficult transition to freedom.

The positive aspect of this is; the ones that have gone before you have left a map that can be followed. Knowledge is power!

The understanding that has been gained from others who have gone before you is priceless. A different perspective can be the light that is needed to find the way out of the darkness.

There are Many Organizations who assist and support Abused woman and men.

Clickable Link: Abuse Support Links