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Our Products and Services help you Self-Actualize through our insightful Resources and Seminars. We do this through our Insightful Books, Resource Materials and Seminars. 
Our proven products and unique approach to difficult topics helps you move through your struggles in a more natural and encouraging manner. 
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Failure’s Not An Option…


Connie Lynne's first book Failure’s Not an Option…It’s a Necessity! is a refreshing new approach to failure.
Through personal stories, Connie Lynne takes you on an emotionally filled journey, exploring the benefits of mistakes, personal struggle and failure.
If you have ever failed; this book has something for you.

Beyond Failure

Connie Lynne's In-depth and emotional Insights are detailed in her most revealing book; Beyond Failure
After 'Failure's Not an Option...It's a Necessity!' was published, Connie Lynne thought that she had been through it all.
However, she could not have been MORE wrong...

Inner Strength Guide

Inner Strength Guide
The Inner Strength workbook provides the basic information that you need to begin your journey to self ownership. This workbook also lays the foundation to begin your journey through: The Pillars of Freedom.
Take Ownership of Your Life: This workbook allows you to perform a Self-Assessment and assess your situation. 
This workbook empowers you to understand the type of person you are and can be now and into the future.

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The Anatomy of Failure


Hardships, Mistakes and Failures are a part of life!
Our experiences can either empower us to succeed or cause us to just give up and walk away from our dreams.
Ultimately, how we deal with our setbacks, mistakes and failures greatly influence our results.
Why the Anatomy of Failure works

Five Pillars of Freedom

The Five Pillars of Freedom Workbooks and Programs are based on years of extensive research, collaborative studies, critiques and reviews. Through our case studies we have seen significant individual strength gained through our continued follow-up.
We have collected many empowering personal stories through our case studies who have gained the necessary confidence to take back their personal Freedom through our Awareness and Self-Actualizing Workbook and Programs.
Our Materials provide Information and Guidance towards obtaining and maintaining Self Ownership/Reliance and Personal Freedom.