Failure’s Not an Option…It’s a Necessity!

author Connie Lynne
Failure’s not an Option… It’s a Necessity! is an encouraging ‘reality check’ for the need for failure in today’s success driven society.

Within these 183 pages are countless examples of the most successful people who used their failures to gain the  knowledge that moved them toward their greatness.

Failure’s contribution within the Success process is undeniable as you read through Connie Lynne's engaging stories.

In order to achieve Success...You must experience Failures along the way!

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Awareness is required to learn and grow from our Failure experiences. This book reveals simple strategies and insights that you can use to move through those difficult moments.
Connie Lynne understands failure, however, it was not until she was willing to face her failures that her life started to change. Rather than give up, she embraced the failures that had been weighing her down. She decided to use her negative experiences. By doing this she tapped into her greatness.

Through personal stories, Connie Lynne takes you on an emotional journey exploring the benefits of failure. She brings you into her world of triumph through failure.

This book provides you the tools to work through your own failures, past, present and future. This book is sure to inspire you to tap into your OWN greatness.
How you deal with your encounters with failures will determine the direction your life will take. A refreshing new approach to failure.
If you have ever failed; this book has something for you!

I’m the first to admit that I have had my share of failures. This book touches on some of them.
However; I do not consider failure to be bad.
It is not in spite of my failures, but rather by facing my failures that I found my success!
This book chronicles my journey through failure up until 2011
I invite you to sneak a preview into my life, my journey and my message. You will see the undeniable value that failure holds in our lives.

May we ‘all’ continue to fail forward!


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What people are saying about Failure’s not an Option…It’s a Necessity!

“Hey Connie! I had to tell you...I took 2 days and read your book. Cover to cover! And wow, it is INCREDIBLE!!! It was so nice to read your stories and experiences...and so much of what you say, about how you felt, really does remind me of me. I actually cried through some of it. Maybe more so, because I am not where you are yet with how you think. It really touched me...and I will be reading it again very soon!”

Roberta, 40

“I love your openly truthful approach! You really do always inspire me with your wisdom, and how you have lived through so many experiences...and are stronger for it.  I want to be like that! And after reading your book, I really believe I will be! Just have a long haul getting there. Thanks for your encouraging words Connie!”

Carol, 52

“Bought your book yesterday! I am about 1/3 of the way through it. What a BRILLIANT message!!! THIS is the message people need right now. They need to know that no matter what their current situation is, there IS hope!! Enjoying it immensely, just wanted to say thank you for your inspiring and unconventional wisdom!!”

John, 38

“I ran out and brought a copy of "Failure’s Not an Option…It’s a Necessity" last week. I could not wait to read it, when I started I couldn’t put it down. This book is captivating, inspiring and powerful! I cried tears of grateful reflection. I’m more determined to live life on my terms. This book will be a blessing to all who read it. I can never thank you enough for taking the shame out of the failure process! Thank you :)”

Samantha, 32


“I am very impressed with the high content level of this book. Unfortunately, wish I had been able to read it 25 years ago. Actually, I feel this book should be a must read for every student. The material should be taught in school. How differently children and adults would view their performance if they were armed with the knowledge of this book. A great read.