Our Mission

Five Pillars of Freedom's Mission is to provide Simple, easy to apply Steps for those stuck within the deceptive Cycle of Abuse.


Necessity 4 Failure's Mission is to provide the tools and training to facilitate growth through failure... Not in spite of it 🙂

Our Objective


  • To build a supportive community that can, without shame, acknowledge failure.
  • To persistently fail forward recognizing that failure alone should not stop us.
  • To openly share without embarrassment, or disgrace our combined failures.
Our Objective: To serve Individuals, and Communities in creating a healthier, more transparent world.
We Shine light on the Process of Failure/Success

About Us

Necessity 4 Failure - To illuminate the positive role that failure has in our evolution.
We are dedicated to Inspire, Impart and Infuse an understanding that failure is an integral part of your Successful Journey Forward
Our Purpose is to help you reach your dreams, while enjoying the powerful process of learning through failure.

You are Not Alone!

No matter where you are in the Success - Failure Process...
...we Can Help
Five Pillars of Freedom is a Non-Profit created with one main objective; to Stop the cycle of Abuse.
We are here to help Inform, Transform and Reform. We shine a Light on the dark subject of abuse through our Educational Resources and Awareness Seminars.
We have successfully created and delivered The Five Pillars of Freedom Program to Abused Women and Men, Support Staff of Abuse Shelters and Individuals involved in the Cycle of Abuse
Five Pillars of Freedom has an ongoing working relationship with Abuse Shelters and Police agencies.
Your right, your life!

Connie Lynne - Founder of N4F has been providing training and support services for all who want to grow through failure.
She humbly attributes her strength and ongoing success to the lessons learned directly from failure.
See Connie Lynne’s story
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