The Inner Strength Seminar

The Inner Strength Seminar is a highly powerful program designed to be delivered in either a condensed one day Seminar, or a more in-depth two day Seminar.


The Inner Strength seminar provides awareness to those involved in the abuse cycle. We also provide the resources and tools to begin the process of change. One of them being the Inner Strength Guide

We work together with...

  • Support Workers 
  • Schools
  • Correctional Agencies
  • Resource Centres
  • Hospitals
  • Religious Organizations
  • Corporations

...and the list goes on

Together we can facilitate sustainable change

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The Five Pillars of Freedom Seminars

Connie Lynne Presentaion

Our Seminars reveal and elaborate on ‘Why’ certain steps are required for sustainable separation from the cycle of abuse.

All our seminars include and utilize The Five Pillars of Freedom workbooks. They detail 'How' to move towards personal freedom.

We work with All the Players within the Cycle of Abuse:

The Triad;

  • The Abusers
  • The Victims
  • The Enablers

We help facilitate everyone-individually to set their own life’s goals and create realistic plans to achieve their own life’s success.

The Five Pillars of Freedom Complete Program Seminar

Complete Seminar for Staff, such as: support workers, hospital staff, correctional agencies and Police officers is comfortably worked through in a Five Day training week. The reason we can sail through the six workbooks in five days is because we are not dealing with the emotions behind the actions. Support Workers learn more about the secrecy within the cycle of abuse and how their role within their community is vital. Our Seminars help empower the workers to continue to shine a light within the darkness of their community.

Complete Seminar for those within the Cycle of Abuse.

The Inner Strength Seminar is a highly powerful program designed to be delivered in either a condensed one day Seminar, or a more in-depth two day Seminar.

This is strategic so that the participants can grasp the severity of the dysfunctional cycle that they are caught up in.

Our Seminars are based on our Work Books

Introduction:  Inner Strength
Pillar One:      Love and Accept Yourself   
Pillar Two:      Believe that It is Possible
Pillar Three:   Set and Prioritize Your Goal

Pillar Four:     Create Habits  
Pillar Five:      Observe and Modify

(click on the links above for detailed information on each Pillar) 

When working through our Seminars with Victims, Abusers and Enablers we prefer two days per-workbook. We have also found that the pillars are best delivered a month apart as the emotions that are generated from the sessions are liberating but can be emotionally draining. The attendees need time healing and self-reflection for optimum results.

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The Anatomy of Failure Seminars

The Anatomy of Failure Seminars provide insight into our conscious and subconscious self defeating behaviours. We provide the resources and insights to begin the process of change through light hearted awareness. 

The work book that is provided to those who attend the seminar is: The Anatomy of Failure

We work together with...

  • Schools
  • Correctional Agencies
  • Resource Centres
  • Secondary Educational
  • Religious Organizations
  • Corporations


We help Explain the un-explainable

While many people think they understand the concept of Success and Failure, they struggle with their actions (and reactions) when it comes to moving through Failure.

This course has been broken down into the most common self-defeating actions hidden within Failure. We address failure in a lighthearted "such is life" manner. Our topics are detailed within the Anatomy of Failure.

It is not in avoiding Failure that you gain Success; it is ‘working through Failure’ that Success is built upon (and sustained).

After attending our Seminar you will have the Knowledge and Understanding to effectively move through Failure toward Success.

We help lighten up 'Life'

Speaking Anatomy of Failure

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Inspirational Speaking

Inspirational speaker and author, Connie Lynne is not afraid to say it like it is or of being rejected for her opinions.She loves to state the truth.

Connie Lynne bonds with her audience through her own distinctive character. She is neither embarrassed nor ashamed of using her past failures to her benefit and to her audience’s enjoyment. In fact, she has an unmatched ability to take advantage of her unique past failures and highlight their hidden treasures.

Lynne is creating an upheaval over the mistaken identity that failure has endured. She is challenging the rejection of failure and pleading for an appeal.

Her mission is to help as many people as possible understand the role failure should play in their lives. The most effective way she has found to do this is by helping groups, organizations, and individuals understand their weaknesses.

Her passion is to inspire others to use their failures for good, to help others grow through their own hardships, and calls the process “Failing Forward”.

Connie Lynne speaks to a multitude of audiences:

Business Leaders
Addiction Groups
Support Workers
Youth Groups
School Groups
Universities and Colleges
Women’s groups

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