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How Beyond Failure came to be written...


Beyond-Failure-bookI had (past tense) never been an avid reader AND would have NEVER been considered a writer (being dyslexic and all )
But...I had a story that needed to be told.
In 2009, I decided to follow my heart and write about my difficult journey through failure.
I closed down my successful business as a sports therapist and focused my attention on my newest passion: Failure!
It took me almost a year-and-a-half to write my first book, Failure's Not an Option... It's a Necessity!
After many tears, frustrations, diverse opinions and critiques: I was published!
During this time, I also began writing and designing workbooks as I turned my love of teaching and learning into a business: This is where N4F, Necessity4Failure enterprises began.
In 2011, after the release of my personal story, I thought that I had been through the most difficult part of my journey; smoothly sailing towards the sunset.
However, I could not have been more wrong...

Once the Storm Settled...

...a few years later

I began to see the beauty and insight that had been hidden within my personal destruction.
I once again sat down to pen and paper to piece together what I had learned through my life’s ever changing landscape.
I dissected my first book, Failure's not an Option...it's a Necessity! 



I reworked it into the first part of Beyond Failure


Many of the sections that did not make it into Beyond Failure have been placed into the revised workbook the Anatomy of Failure, which will be re-released May 1st, 2016.

I am SoOo excited to see how our lives will continue to Transform!