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Do you feel Stuck?

Many of us feel stuck (from time to time). When we are more focused on the problem, rather than the solution, we can easily feel like this poem beautifully describes.

The Muddy Puddle

Written by Dennis Lee
I am sitting in the middle
Of a rather Muddy Puddle,
With my bottom full of bubbles
And my rubbers full of Mud,
While my jacket and my sweater
Go on slowly getting wetter
As I very slowly settle
To the Bottom of the Mud.
And I find that what a person
With a puddle round his middle
Thinks of mostly in the muddle
Is the muddiness of Mud.

What are you Focusing on?

When we feel stuck it is natural to focus on the overwhelming amount of Mud (Problems) that surround us.
Many of us remain stuck because we are focused on the Problem rather than the Solution.

Here's the point

If we sit too long in the mud, we will get more and more discouraged about our situation. This creates feelings of overwhelm and helplessness.
When our focus is on just the Mud (the Problem), we can become consumed by it.
In addition, when we become fixated on all the mud that surrounds us it becomes next to impossible to ‘snap’ out of the spot that we feel stuck in.

Questions to Ponder

 When surrounded by Mud (Problems) do you...
Just Sit in the Middle of the Mud and Give Up?
Get Up, Shake Off the Mud and Continue forward?

May we all continue to learn and grow as we experience our Moments in the Mud!