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Toronto Sun

Toronto Sun

Life has a way of flipping our ideas upside down in a funny and unexpected ways. 
When I was in the middle of the Five Pillars of Freedom project, we were in the beginning stages of developing the Genie character (Raja).
We had taken some fantastic Genie photos for the workbooks. After looking at some of the photo’s my producer thought it would be great fun to submit a photo to The Sunour local Winnipeg paper, for a “Sunshine Girl” contest!
The next day we mailed a few of the more playful Genie photos in for consideration.
A few days later, I decided to phone the paper to find out their process for selecting their photos. The lady that answered the phone told me that The Sun chooses the “Sunshine Girls” a year in advance.
Well, it looked like our idea was not so brilliant.
However, the following day, I received a call from Mike Strobel from the Toronto Sun. He sounded rushed as he asked me if the Toronto Sun could use my picture as a Moonlight Lady.
I had never heard of a “Moonlight Lady” before and asked, “What exactly is a Moonlight Lady?”
He simply explained that it is an older version of the Sunshine Girl...

Too funny!!!

Three days later...
I became a Geritol (meaning older, much older) version
...of the Sunshine Girl!

Harvest moon shines on Moonlight Ladies - Toronto Sun

Moonlight Lady Connie Lynne Toronto Sun

Winnipeg resident, Connie Lynne has been selected as one of the Moonlight Ladies. Moonlight Ladies is Sun Medias over 40 version of the Sunshine Girls.
"When Connie Lynne, 45, isn’t dreaming of Jeannie, she’s a life coach and author of The Anatomy of Failure and is “magically transforming the world, one failure at a time."
One thing for sure...when I was 22 years old and 60 pounds heavier, I would never have dreamed that at the age 45, I would be appearing as "Jeannie" before thousands of readers as a Moonlight Lady.
Happily Failing Forward in a FUN way!!
Connie Lynne