Authorization to Journey a New Path

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Do you feel Stuck?

Everyone feels stuck, once and a while; unsure of what exactly to do, or what direction to go.

feeling stuck

One of the reasons we feel such a strong need to change an uncomfortable or constraining environment is because of our nature to continually learn.
Often the feeling of being stuck is a sign that we need to grow.
Everyone has the need for growth; without increasing our knowledge and experiences, we lose the flexibility for change. And it is in change that we grow.
Can you imagine what would happen to your body if you just stopped moving? If you decided that you no longer needed to use your energy and just be still?
Your body and mind would begin to wither away. You would lose the strength in your muscles; you would become lifeless.
“In this world you're either growing or you're dying so get in motion and grow." - Lou Holtz

What if you don't change?

Have you ever felt that if you don’t change something in your life some part of you would die?
You need to continue to grow, learn and evolve, in order to live your best life. Honour your spirit and your inner yearnings.
You are given one life (that we know of). Honour it. Live it. Grow into who you want to be!
“Everyone dies. Not everyone really lives.” - William Sachs Wallace

Write down your Dreams

This video portrays a genie who wants to break free from her imprisonment. She knows that the only way to do so is to give herself permission to move toward that reality.


One reason it is SoOo important to write down our dreams and goals is for us to see that it is possible.
Once we see something in writing and we commit to it, we subconsciously believe in its attainment; a fantastic step toward our personal freedom.
I strongly suggest that you download the PDF scroll below, read it, and then sign it as a declaration to yourself that you are worth the effort it will take to live your life.


An Authorization to Journey a New Path
I deserve to live my life. I am the only person who can create the life I want. There is no one else that can save me from my life - that’s my reality. My life is what I make of it!
The starting point for changing my life is the vision I have in my mind. I hereby commit to the journey that I have set before me. I will not allow the inevitable setbacks that I will encounter to deter me from the path that I have set before me.
Signed this day