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Healing is Found in Transparency

Transparency, Transparency...Transparency!

Healing is found through Acceptance and Transparency and because, I believe that wholeheartedly, I would like to share a few of my current struggles.
However, in a public forum, such as this, it is difficult to know what to share and/or how to share, without disclosing private and personal issues regarding those close to me.
In the past few years, due to many factors, my world has been more unsettled and unstable than I would care to admit.
The most disheartening of these issues has been an illness that my 24-year-old son has been battling. Last year his condition become critical and his stays in the hospital more frequent. During his difficult healing transition, when he was not in the hospital, he lived with me.
As of this update, I am thrilled to share that he is back, living on his own as he continues on his individual healing journey.
This brings me here with a New Revelation...
...and a New Creation!
Every New Beginning needs a title, and so, I will begin with what I see is the most logical one…

Energy, Focus and Balance

Every one of us has a limited amount of physical, mental and emotional energy to spend in a day.
We use up that energy when we go out of our way to hide our problems...
...and/or try to focus on TOO MANY things at once.
We often unintentionally drift through our days; creating a diluted, bland version of our true selves. Or, we do the complete opposite; we feverishly try to make everything work together ‘as if’ we ourselves are the ones responsible for the flow of the universe. Both extremes are NOT the best use of our energy.


Disturbances in our environment, invariably, affect our life balance.
Like any ecosystem we are affected by our surroundings; interconnected, forced to adapt and transform in our ever changing world. I have become increasingly aware of my own precarious balance within my ecosystem.
This is part of what has brought me here; to this liberating but scary decision…


Because, I (try to) practice what I preach, I have decided to speak about and dissect my struggles as I live them.
This newest blog/ vlog will help me do many positive things. I will be able to stay connected to all of you, my magnificent friends/followers as I Expose, Reveal and Analyze my observed mistakes and setbacks as we collectively continue to self-actualize towards MORE success.…“killing two birds with one stone” (without the death aspect of any birds).
Stay tuned, there is much more to come...

This is Just the Beginning!

In our ever explosive environment, let's stay aware of our end goal, our focus, even when we are in the middle of utter chaos.
If you don’t control the direction you are headed, others will!
With GREAT Love
Connie Lynne