Ready or not...

...we all go through transitions.

Transitions are changes that can last weeks, months or longer. Transitions are filled with an awkward unknowing.
In these times, we are forced to change our old patterns, from what we know to what we do not.
Some transitions are anticipated, like school, relationships, jobs and homes. Some are not, like unexpected layoff, unforeseen breakups and/or any sudden loss (or gain).

No matter What, or Why the Transition

Maintaining Stability...

...can be Difficult


Surviving and Thriving through Uncertainty

Expect to feel unsettled. Uncertainty is uncomfortable. You are better equipped to deal with the instability of any new situation if you understand that feelings of unease is normal.
Feelings like anxiety, and even depression are not uncommon in a state of flux.
Accept that life involves change. Don’t get stuck in the past. Acknowledging that a door is closed behind you is healthy; spending too much time feeling sorry for yourself is not. Life is filled with transitions.
Look for the positives. If you can view a transition as a new opportunity to reshape the direction of your future you will enjoy the process more. See the change as a wonderful opportunity to grow.
Discover. We are creatures of habit and routine, but those routines can place us in ruts.
When you go through a transition you are given an opportunity to discover new and exciting things about yourself.
Ask for help. No man is an island. Something that is new to you, may be known to others. The people who have gone before you can help direct you, if you are feeling lost.
Relax, there are going to be difficult days. Be patient, it may take you longer to adjust then you initially thought.


Be kind to yourself! 

“We turn out . . . to realize our greater potentialities . . . by viewing our own individual crises as opportunities to let go of who we have been, and to set forth on the journey toward becoming something more.”
- William Bridges