The Success Process

If Success was as easy as...

1, 2, 3

...we would all be Successful.


We put Success on a pedestal. We dream of it, 'as if' it was a trophy that only few can possess. One of the problems with this kind of thinking is: Success is not a prize to be won.

Success is made!

Success follows a process. However, Success does not follow a distinctive order like 1, 2, 3. However, it does have a consistency to it.
If Success is indeed made... would you like the Recipe?

Start with a Clean Kitchen

Clean up any leftovers. Also, make sure your work environment is free of toxins, because, your creation will be affected if you don't.
clean-upMake Sure that your Work Area is Clean!

Pick a Recipe

Define your vision: What do you stand for? What matters to you? What impact do you want to make? How will you know you have attained Success?
What do you want your recipe to...

Taste like?

Look like?

Feel like?


Gather Ingredients


Turn on the Heat

stove-fireAllow your passion to fan the flame of your creation.
Warm yourself to your unlimited possibilities.

Mix Ingredients

Be patient. There are many variables that must be considered.
mix-it-upThe amount of ingredients will be dependent on your timeframe, resources, abilities...etc.
• If you find that the kitchen becomes too hot, turn the heat down a little
• If you need more heat, turn the flame up.
You will be able to simplify the steps as you work through the Success process. It will get easier!
Footnote: If you are unsure of your own innovative ideas, you can always start by following other people’s proven recipes. Once you have recreated theirs, you may be ready to make your own creation.

The process is messy...

...but worth the effort!

We all want to be more Successful; professionally, emotionally, in our relationship, in our health and in our daily life. Success is not a trophy waiting to be won.

Success is a Process!