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The Struggle

It is natural to Struggle and want to give up, however, part of our development is working ‘through’ the struggles…


… because it’s ‘through’ the struggles that we learn and grow.

A Different Perspective

butterfliesA gentle and kind man came across a butterfly trying to break free from the safety of its cocoon.
The man watched as the butterfly wriggled and twisted its body trying to break through the layers that surrounded it.
After some time the butterfly slowed down, as if... it could go no further.
Wanting to help, the man gently peeled away the cocoon that surrounded the exhausted butterfly.
However, the butterfly did not fly away as the man had imagined.
What the man in his kindness did not understand was that before a butterfly can fly it has to struggle from its cocoon so that the acids are removed from its wings.
If anything or anyone, other than the butterfly opens the cocoon, the butterfly will never fly.
The Struggle is necessary for a butterfly to develop and Fly…
…this is also true for YOU!

It’s Natural

It is natural to struggle and want to give up…
However, the struggle you endure will allow you to someday gain your wings…and fly.
When the struggle is over, the butterfly can come out and share its beauty with the world.
The same applies to you. You have much to offer. If you do not fight through your struggles that stand between you and your greatness the world will never get to bask in your know your greatness.
Going through life with no obstacles would cripple you because ‘through’ your struggles you gain the necessary strength to be the beautiful unique person that you were made to be and ‘through’ those same struggles…You learn to fly!  (Metaphorically that is)
May we ‘all’ grow towards our greatness!


Personal Message

My reflections are deeper and more in-depth than they once were, because of this - I am focusing on quality not quantity in all that I do as my life continues to flow forward. 
Within my reflections I see what has brought me here.
I can either stay within the safety of my comfortable position or spread my wings and fly… 
Will you spread your wings with me?