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Are you in the Middle of a Storm?

Life can be Turbulent, tossing us with winds of...
...Misfortune, Grief, Embarrassment, and Stress
I recently heard my brother say,
Richard-talking“Although storms may beset us, the way we pilot our ship in the storm determines our destination.”
How true that is!
I also heard (somewhere?) that we are either in a Storm, coming out of a Storm or headed into a Storm.  
hmmmthat may sound a little disheartening, especially because these storms seem to come out of nowhere and at the worst times (although, I don’t know when would be a good time?)
Whether it is a financial storm, a physical illness/injury, a loss of a loved one, problems at school/work or relationship issues; whatever the storm, you can be sure that it will bring its fair share of stress.
But, it can also bring something else a Transformed Life!

Stormy Seasons in Life

With the changing of seasons, I find myself reflecting on how much the world changes around us.
As I look back on all that has happened in my life, the storms that have come and gone, I recognize and appreciate that we are all on a journey.
It seems to me, that we all go through many highs and lows...
...this being simply, a part of the cycle of life.

Storms don’t last

When the whirling winds pull you away from the stability of the shore and you find yourself a drift on the ocean of despair, remember… Weather the storm.
It is in these times that you need to call upon your Inner Strength.
Trust me on this, I have encountered my share of Storms. I don't know if all the storms just came upon me or if I unconsciously walked into them.
There are some people who actually find comfort in a storm. They do this because they may want a diversion from their internally discomfort? (sounds messed up, but...I know, I have personally done it ).
No matter... one thing is for certain, when you come out of the storm,
you won’t be the same person who entered.
You will have grown, whether it is in Strength, Confidence and (hopefully) Wisdom.