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Problems, Problems and more Problems


With all the negativity surrounding "Problems" and "Failure" it is easy to believe that failure is bad; to be avoided at all costs.

However, pursuing a Problem free life often causes more problems because problems compound.

Think about a time when you experienced a personal or professional growth, or a time when you performed at your highest level…I can bet dollars to donuts that those times invariably involved struggling through the issues, not avoiding them.

Maybe it’s time to reflect on what motivated and fueled you to grow, learn, and improve during those times? 


Problems, Failures and Stress have many Wonderful Attributes; one of the many is...they remind us what we truly care about.

Crisis Creates Clarity!

Problems force us to get rid of the junk and zero in on what is most important. When you get pushed down by a failure and bounce back up that is called resilience. When you learn from a setback and adjust, you become better than before.


Problems strips you of your Illusions of Perfection

Accepting your Imperfections takes an act of Humility
When you own your Problems, Failures and Stress, you are truly Liberated!



Anyone can stand strong when times are good but how do you measure up when the going gets rough? Do you become engulfed within your surroundings or do you allow your environment to help you evolve into the stronger more resilient person that you are?

You cannot overcome your challenges when you are busy avoiding them!

Going through Failure is a significant test of your Character, your Courage and your Resolve.



When you have been through the fire of failure allow the experience to strengthen you rather than consume you.

Take a moment to think about that before you consider yourself a Failure.