Pillar Four

Pillar Four helps you Recognize Habits

Some Facts:

  • We are creatures of habit. A habit is any action that you have performed so often that it becomes almost automatic. If a habit is undesirable we label it as “bad”. When the habit becomes a part of our everyday life, we lose awareness of it and therefore continue the “habit” without thinking.
  • We live in an addictive culture. Most of us have addictions that we don’t even realize we have. We can be addicted to food, drugs, work and approval, and the list goes on and on. But we can also get addicted to our stories, to our suffering; to what ever it is that is holding us back.
  • Change is difficult. When we are accustomed to a bad habit it makes that habit seem much harder to give up than it really is. We don’t want to change. When we try to give up a bad habit, it leaves a void in our routine that leads to restlessness and compulsions. The best way to deal with this feeling is with a good habit.
  • Habits have nothing to do with the habit itself. They have to do with how we cope, or rather not cope with our emotions.
A habit / addiction is not so much an action as a re-action; it is a method of dealing with uncomfortable emotions.

Create Habits

Pillar Four Create-Habits

Through Pillar Four

You will learn how to:

1. Recognize habits that are sabotaging you
2. Make small changes that lead to lasting results
3. Learn how to enjoy the process of change
4. Create good habits that replace negative ones
5. Value yourself enough change self defeating behaviours

Habits, good or bad, make you who you are and bring you to where YOU are headed...

...The Key is Knowing them!

The Five Pillars of Freedom

Our Complete Program is based on years of personal experience, extensive research and years and years of assisting individuals reach their own Life’s Freedom. 

The Five Pillars of Freedom 

Introduction:  Inner Strength      

Pillar One:      Love and Accept Yourself     
Pillar Two:      Believe that it is Possible    
Pillar Three:   Set and Prioritize Your Goals      
Pillar Four:     Create Habits     
Pillar Five:      Observe and Modify 

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