Pillar Five

Pillar Five is about Observing and Modifying

Everything around us is affected by everything else. As you work through this Pillar you will be made aware of your surroundings and the influences around you. Once you see your world as it is and how it affects you, you will gain the power to change.

The only way to get Out of a negative situation is to go THROUGH the situation.

This Pillar focuses on seeing your world for what it is, and more importantly, what it can be. 

Once you know WHO you are, self-acceptance and change are possible.

You will Discover:
  • Why you do what you do
  • Why you feel what you feel

Because we all face challenges that are not particularly pleasant from time to time, one of the most difficult challenges in these situations is controlling our emotions. With our tendency to get wrapped up in our problems emotionally, we often react, becoming lost where we don't feel in control of ourselves and our lives.

With Observation you gain the Knowledge,Strength and Courage...
...to own your Life!

Observe and Modify

Pillar Five Observe-and-Modify

Through Pillar Five

You will learn how to:

1. Gain the strength and knowledge to work through challenges
2. Become aware and change your own defeating behaviour
3. Achieve a greater sense of stability
4. Obtain a broader perspective of your situation
5. Accept where you are at the moment
6. Transform Your Life into the Life that YOU Want!

YOU can make much wiser decisions about your life once...

..You Recognize and Accept Reality!

The Five Pillars of Freedom

Our Complete Program is based on years of personal experience, extensive research and years and years of assisting individuals reach their own Life’s Freedom. 

The Five Pillars of Freedom 

Introduction:  Inner Strength

Pillar One:      Love and Accept Yourself 
Pillar Two:      Believe that it is Possible
Pillar Three:   Set and Prioritize Your Goals
Pillar Four:     Create Habits
Pillar Five:      Observe and Modify

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