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Are you un- Motivated?

At one point or another, in our quest for personal growth, we may have wondered…
  • Where did my motivation go?
  • What happened to that excitement, the enthusiasm that I had yesterday?
  • Why do I doubt myself, my ability, and my visions today?
  • Why do lack the energy to move toward my goal?
  • Why do I question my abilities today?
Some of the possible reasons are that…
  • Maybe I don’t really believe in my vision for the project?
  • Maybe I lack discipline and just need to follow through for once?
  • Maybe I don’t really care one way or another?
Everyone has at ‘one point or another’ wanted to throw in the towel and call it quits when it comes to our Dreams, Goals and Aspirations.
If you are feeling frustrated and want to give up…
...you are not alone!

Know the ‘Why’

If you do not understand 'why' you move toward any set goal, it is easy to loss motivation and give up on that goal.
What often happens is we waste a lot of our energy asking our self why we are wasting our time and energy on a project that we are  unsure of the 'why'?
When you know the 'why' that is at the core of your goal, you are able to stay centered and focused on what matters to you and where you are focused.
Your goals and projects may change, the expressions of your purpose may shift, but at the core is your strength that will keep you moving forward.

Get Motivated

Seven Actions for Motivation

1. Ask yourself what you want: At the core of who you are, what would you like your life to be about. Create a vision that truly matters to you, one that you can run toward. Remind yourself that you are worth staying connected to.
2. Set a goal, make a plan: Know your path as well as your destination. Your goal should also have little goals within the larger goal. When you attain the smaller goal you will be motivated to continue toward the larger goal.
3. Connect with Positive people: Having the support of people around you will help you stay motivated. Our attitudes can be felt by others as their attitudes can also be felt by you. In other words, hang around positive motivated people and you will feel more motivated.
4. Learn how to grow: If you build within you the ability to grow from setbacks you will become more driven because you have more knowledge. This way when you get stuck on your journey you can move through a problem and become more motivated. 
5. Take risk: When you bounce back from mistakes and failures you will be very inspired. Failure is a learning tool. No one has ever succeeded at anything worthwhile without a series of failures.
6. Finish what you start: An un-finished project has no value. Not finishing things is a bad habit. Finish what you start and you will create winning habits.
7. Be kind to yourself: Remember that Rome was not built in a day. You are no good to your vision if you are not taking care of yourself.


Connie Lynne’s newest book Beyond Failure provides many example and methods for becoming and staying Motivated.