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Strive for Excellence…Not Perfection!

Perfection is not a Goal, it is an Ideal! It is unattainable because it does not exist.

If you are trying to be perfect you will feel that you have to hide your insecurities because of the illusion of perfection.

However, when you strive for Excellence you can move forward with confidence.

When you move forward toward your dreams confidently, you will not be afraid to be corrected when you are wrong, or better said (not exactly right 😉 )

When a person is truly confident they do not fear being wrong. 

Being prepared to change and alter your thinking and actions opens the door to more solutions to the puzzles that life places before you on your journey toward success.

Excellence vs. Perfection

Perfection: A destination that can never be reached.

Excellence: Always learning, growing and developing. 


Perfection: Has to be right because it fears judgement.

Excellence: Willing to be wrong.


Perfection: Passes judgment expecting perfection.

Excellence: Accepting and willing to change.


Perfection: A destination that does not exist.

Excellence: A journey.

Perfection vs. Excellence

Perfectionists judge themselves harshly

Perfectionists tend to determine their self-worth based on their ability, or inability to achieve their unrealistically high standards.

Because of this, they focus more on the negatives. They more often then not criticise themselves harshly when they fail to meet their unrealistic standards.

Perfectionists tend to be extremely self-critical, especially if they are unable to meet their high standards.

They might say to themselves:

  • “I am such an idiot”
  • “I should have done better”
  • “I can’t believe I did that”

This self-criticism can cause people to feel a range of negative emotions including anger, anxiety, depression and guilt.

Often these ideals reflect an unhelpful style of thinking such as:

  • Black & white thinking: seeing only extremes – no flexibility
  • Shoulda’s Woulda’s & Coulda’s
  • Unreasonable demands on self and others
  • Blowing things out of proportion
  • Assuming how things should be

Move toward


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